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Connect with Your Loved Ones

Based out of Parkland, Florida; Amy Wechsel is a medium specializing in providing a supportive and healing connection to those we have lost. After hundreds of readings, receiving consistent messages with remarkable accuracy, she has developed and embraced her gift as a psychic medium. Amy can help you feel closer to those who you have lost. Its easier to move on knowing a loved one is with you in spirit. Amy can help you deliver messages to the loved ones on the other side. Amy provides some comfort and knowledge to those experiencing grief or just wanting to connect to their loved ones.

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Featured Testimonials

"Talking to Amy brought more to my life than I could imagine. She connected with multiple loved ones which helped to bring me to peace. Amy is beyond sweet and very understanding. I got the chance to speak with Amy for two hours over the phone, during this call I felt spiritually there with Amy while she communicated with these loved ones. I always come back to texting her when I have a dream or a feeling and every time my answers help to bring me to see that I will always be surrounded by angels💗"
- Mikayla, Parkland, Florida
“I felt so good about the reading, I felt connected to those I lost and felt more at peace with the situation”
- Isabel, Florida
“"Amy's amazing gift makes me feel incredibly connected to loved ones that I thought I'd lost and would never communicate with ever again. The way that Amy conveys these messages with such sincerity about things no one else could possibly know is truly astounding! She says things from the past, from the present, and even from the future. I consider it a true blessing to have Amy, and her gift, in my life.”
- Scott, Maryland
“Amy connected to the spiritual world and told me things no one else would know. Amy is a beautiful person, She's warm and loving and somehow so normal! She gave me peace.”
- Gila, Florida
“Knowing that my father was at peace was extremely comforting during my time of grief. I am so thankful to Amy!”
- Caterina, Florida
“After my reading with Amy, I felt a sense of peace in knowing that my mom is okay and with us. I am so grateful to Amy's gift of connecting me to my mother!”
-Amy, Florida

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